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Sup, my name is Alia and I’m a graduate of Roosevelt High. I attend Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC for short) and plan to major in cinema and liberal arts. It is my strongest belief that there is purpose and balance in all things. For example, we’re all here for a reason whether or not we know that reason. Check out my profile page.


Hi, my name is Ariana. I’m a sophomore at the University of Minnesota-Duluth and I  study psychology. I believe that trying new things is an important part of learning and growing. I hope to embrace all that college has to offer, and I am very excited to share my journey with you. Visit my profile page.


Hey! I’m Avery. I’ve lived in Minneapolis my whole life, and I love it here. However, after graduation I was ready to get out and explore more of the world, which is why I took a gap year before college. I learned a ton heading to school at McGill University. Here’s my profile page.


I’m a STEP-UP Achieve alumna, dancer, and book-lover now attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities as a transfer student.  Although I have many interests and am not 100% sure which career path I’ll follow, I know it will involve being of service to others. I plan to major in communications/journalism and business/marketing. I’m a graduate of Southwest High School. Learn more on my profile page.


Hey! I went to South High School, where I was awarded one of Minneapolis’ “Extraordinary Students” and a Kiwanis Scholar. I am passionate about education because I come from a family where education is lost. I plan to eventually get my masters degree in Social Work and become an outstanding citizen in my community, but for right now I’m just an Augsburg College Auggie! Here’s my profile page. 

Elliane from McGill

Hey everyone! My name is Elliane. Not many people pronounce my name correctly so usually I go by Ellie. I’m studying at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Yes, I know that is in Canada. No, it is not ridiculously cold here in Montreal — we are actually at the same latitude as Minneapolis! I plan to study physics and Spanish. Have a great start to the year everyone! Go to class, talk to your teachers, and introduce yourself to someone new! Link to my profile page.


I decided to go to college far from home because I’ve lived in Minneapolis all my life. I’m attending Reed College  in Portland, Oregon. I wanted to see what it would be like in a different climate surrounded by new people, places, and possibilities for adventure. I’m studying biology and hope to become a physician’s assistant or science writer. Learn more about me.


I’m a recent graduate of Patrick Henry High School and am attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. During high school, I’ve been actively involved in Robotics, volunteered with National Honor Society, danced for shows held by Asian Cultural Club, and a previous candidate of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. Learn more about me.


I’m a student at the University of St Thomas. I think it’s amazing that I am able to even consider a school like this. I come from a big family and have to fund my own education. I hope that as you follow me along on my journey I will inspire you to consider college as an option no matter what, and pass on the importance of education to others. Visit my profile page.


Hey all, I’m Lulu! I’m a graduate from Washburn High School and I’m a proud Miller! I was a part of the Cross Country, Basketball, and Track & Field teams, as well as various other student organizations. I’m now attending the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I already bought season football tickets, so Gopher fans might see me out tailgating for the first game. Link to my profile page.


Having been a resident of Minneapolis my entire life, I decided to continue my education here. I”m attending Minneapolis College of Art and Design, hoping to major in Illustration. I focused on science my entire life up until the last moment when I changed my entire path to what I love: Art. Learn more about me here!


By age eleven, I could unicycle, knit a sock, play the viola, and build a children’s wooden playhouse. I grew up in Minneapolis, attending the City of Lakes Waldorf School where I was introduced to an alternate way of teaching and learning. This year I moved half-way across the country to start school in California surrounded by 35,000 strangers at University of California – Berkeley.  Visit my profile page.


I am a high energy, high maintenance kind of gal who regularly utilizes old fashioned lingo like “rad,” “groovy” and “far out.” I attend Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and am studying music and theater. I’d love to become a performer, preferably on Broadway. I have a strong YOLO outlook on life and truly enjoy arbitrary hashtags. Check out my profile page.


I’m a student at Hamline University in St. Paul, where I’m double majoring in journalism, and modern language with a focus on Spanish,German, and Arabic. I am also a part of an NROTC (Naval Reserves Officer Training Corps) track through a program at the University of Minnesota and am an official candidate for the Naval Academy! Here’s a link to my profile page.

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