Being an Athlete in College


by Sam

Joining the Hamline Swim and Dive team has definitely been the best decision I could of possibly made, besides attending Hamline of course!

Coach Hawke and Coach Mike have created the most challenging, yet fun and loving environment for each athlete on the team. They challenge us not only in the water, but also in our academics. Having coaches who want you to succeed in all your goals, and are able to give you the resources to do so has been extremely helpful.

In the past, my experiences have always been with swimming being my main priority, so this change is very welcomed! Coach Hawke started coaching the Hamline Swim and Dive team starting in 2013, and has greatly improved everything about the program. He expects only the best, and pushes every swimmer to be and do their best. He wants results and he gets them.

Originally I wasn’t planning on swimming in college, I had lost my love for the sport, but Hawke reminded me why I started swimming 11 years ago, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of this season, and the next three, take me.

If you are interested in playing a sport in college, I definitely recommend getting in touch with a coach as early as the beginning of your junior year!

Talk to them about their expectations for you as an athlete, their coaching styles, their standings in their conference, and how you would improve as an athlete under their direction. I met Coach Hawke by chance at a Piper Preview (Hamline Fall visit day/tour.) I wasn’t expecting anything, I just took a chance and look at where I am today! Swimming for my dream team!

He was straight forward with his expectations for me as an athlete and a student, and discussed with me why I was an important asset for his team. He eventually introduced me to the team over an MEA overnight, and I have never looked back.

Division III (D3) athletics was a great option for me personally, because it had more of an emphasis on putting your education first compared to a lot of the D1 and D2 colleges I had toured earlier. Coach Hawke has an amazing passion for the sport, and I can’t wait to see what he helps me achieve.

So in closing, do your research while touring colleges! And if you are interested in playing a sport contact coaches NOW!!

They love it when you contact them, and want to know about their programs! I have never once regretted joining this amazing team, although getting up for morning practices may suck in the moment, I know every hour I spend in the pool I will be more prepared to kick butt in the 100 fly at MIAC in February!

Also for any of you swimmers looking to swim in college, definitely contact coach Hawke! We are always looking for new talent and would love for you to join our Piper family!

Hello Freshman Year!

freshman year

by Sam

Saying hello to freshman year was cool, until I had to say hello to the 5am morning swim practices that came with it.

The past three weeks have been action packed, and quite stressful. From learning how to balance academics and swimming, to making new friends! I’ve never considered myself shy, but orientation left me culture shocked and at a loss for words.

Hamline University is a diverse, open-minded, progressive campus. I’ve found a home, and a calling to grow.

During my first week at Hamline I was a part of a Multicultural Mosaic program, an honors program that focuses around educating people about cultural diversity and sexual orientation, as well as creating a safe community for others to speak about their struggles as a person of color or being a part of the LGBTQ community. Being a part of the Multicultural Mosaic program gave me a deep insight into the struggles of my peers and gave me an environment to develop personally!

I definitely recommend looking into the pre-orientation programs offered at the schools you’re applying for; each school offers a variety of programs for a variety of interests. Being a part of the pre-orientation program here at Hamline has given me the resources to navigate campus and make friends from all over the world.

Although I am still in shock over being a college freshman, I am excited for what this year brings, and can’t wait to share my adventures with you!

Introducing Sam – Hamline

FullSizeRenderHey! My name is Sam, or Samantha-Irene to my mother — your pick! I’m attending Hamline University where I’m double majoring in journalism and modern language with a focus on Spanish,German, and Arabic. However I would prefer to study being a couch potato, and a professional McDonald’s burger eater.

I am also part of an NROTC (Naval Reserves Officer Training Corps) track through a program at the University of Minnesota, and am an official candidate for the Naval Academy! I’m not so psyched about the 5 am workouts, and giving up my McDonald’s diet, but I know the harder I work the closer I am to achieving my future goals as a search and rescue diver/ language specialist in the Navy and starting a new adventure!

  • High School: South High
  • College: Hamline University
  • Major: Journalism and Modern Language with an emphasis on German, Spanish, and Arabic
  • Dream Career: Photographer for National Geographic or language specialist in the Navy
  • Favorite thing about Minneapolis: The MIA (Minnesota Institute of Art). You can find me there appreciating art every weekend.
  • Favorite food: Homemade pizza
  • Celebrity Crush: Jude Law, hands-down