October Q: What is your favorite non-class activity/event/club so far in your college career and what did you like so much about it?


This year we’ve launched a monthly question feature, where our bloggers respond to questions from current high school students. Our October question is: What is your favorite non-class activity/event/club so far in your college career and what did you like so much about it?

Julie (U of MN – TC): The Hmong Minnesota Student Association Club because I will be an actor in one of their biggest events this year, Heritage Day! I can’t wait to act!

Maddi (Cal-Berkeley): I joined the Berkeley quidditch team the second week of school and it was the best decision I’ve made so far. It’s so fun not only because it incorporates Harry Potter and it is an actual workout, but the team atmosphere and the players are the type of people I get along best with

Ellie (McGill): I’m on the Varsity Track and Field team here at McGill so that’s definitely my favorite! I have made some great friends who love to run as much as I do, and I’ve becomes a much better competitor as well. Another big plus is that it keeps me in shape.

Alia (MCTC): I’m a co-leader of the writing club at my school and we have had awesome turn outs and really interesting people come to our meetings. We have students write from a prompt we provide and then they share their writing with the group. I enjoy being a co-leader because I get to decide stuff and make colorful crazy posters. We’re having a halloween party soon, the school gives us money to do this kind of stuff and it’s going to be so awesome.

Lucillia (St. Thomas): My favorite non-class activity so far would have to be Art club. Before I came to college, I was never really interested in art, but after going to a couple of meetings with my friend, I really began to really enjoy it! Though I am terrible at painting, I look forward to going each week!

Natalie (Concordia): I founded a Feminism Club on campus and it has been such a wonderful experience.  It has been so inspiring to hear messages from people who don’t know much about feminism thanking us for creating a safe space to learn about equality.

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