Welcome to the New School Year!


Welcome back to school from the CollegeCrewMpls team!

We’re delighted to report that the majority of our original bloggers are returning this fall, as we continue to follow them through their journeys following graduation from Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) high schools. Additionally, we have a new cohort of 2015 graduates lined up to share their stories and advice as well. We’re excited to have some fresh perspectives mixed in with our sage returning veterans.

This past year – our first year – was a great success for our ’14 bloggers and we plan to build on this momentum to provide a broader range of real-world perspectives on life after MPS for our current high school students.

During our first year we had over 40 posts and more than 5,000 views. We hope to increase that even more this year as we have a larger base of bloggers to share their compelling stories.

We’re also launching a monthly question feature, which will focus on specific questions from high school students that are answered by our bloggers from around the country. The first monthly question post will come out later this week, so stay tuned!

Finally, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Twitter feed! Follow us at @CollegeCrewMpls — and also be sure to re-Tweet the Tweets you like so we can get more followers who turn into readers of our blog!

Best of luck back at school this year!

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