Introducing Maddi – University of California – Berkeley

IMG_6033By age eleven, I could unicycle, knit a sock, play the viola, and build a children’s wooden playhouse. I grew up in Minneapolis, first attending the City of Lakes Waldorf School where I was introduced to an alternate way of teaching and learning. Following Waldorf I went to Anthony Middle School and then Washburn High School. During high school I played soccer, joined social justice theatre, national honors society, and student council, helped create the WHS feminism and urban farm clubs, and was one of the valedictorians.

My mom is from Germany and my dad lived in Sweden so I was fortunate enough to spend a good chunk of my childhood in Europe, including a year in Barcelona. That being said, I still felt extremely nervous about moving half-way across the country to start school in California surrounded by 35,000 strangers. It’s exciting to integrate myself into a new culture, take a variety of classes and join clubs that resemble the unconventional skills I learned at Waldorf. I hope I can give you insight on what it looks and feels like to really go out of your comfort zone.

  • High School: Washburn High School
  • College: University of California – Berkeley
  • Intended Major: Pre-Medicine
  • Hobbies/Interests: Soccer, Tennis, Art, Reading
  • Favorite thing about Minneapolis: Bike paths and socially open minded/environmentally friendly people
  • Favorite Author: JK Rowling
  • Dream Career: Doctor with “Doctors without Borders”

5 thoughts on “Introducing Maddi – University of California – Berkeley

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