Signing Up for College Classes


by Ariana

If you are undeclared I would highly recommend choosing a variety of classes for your first year of college. I am currently undeclared and I was able to choose many different classes that spiked my interest.

I chose to do public speaking because it is a Liberal Education requirement (classes that everyone must take before graduating) and I am interested in becoming a good public speaker, I also am taking Education in Modern Society. It is a very interesting class and it has taught me a lot. General Psychology is also a class that I was looking forward to taking to see if I wanted to go into that field. It has made me realize that I do want to major in Psychology and I have discovered the many of the different aspects of the field.

Overall taking different classes has really given me more perspective on different areas I would like to either explore more about or never take again. The classes that you take will be beneficial in some way, it will most likely be filling your degree requirements, plus you will learn some interesting things along the way!

The time frame that you choose your classes should also be realistic. Figure out (or you should know by now) if you are a morning or night person, essentially when you think you can be the most alert and productive while in class. I am not a morning person but I had to sign up for an 8 am class because it was the last available time slot for that class.

This leads to another point I want to emphasize; register for fall classes EARLY.

This is so important if you want to have options for different time slots. If you can register at the beginning of the summer then I would suggest taking advantage of that opportunity.

The last thing I would like to suggest to you all is to ASK your advisor questions about classes. Advisors do this all the time, ask them what they have heard from other students and if they might have prior knowledge about a given teacher.

Checking is also a good resource while reviewing your schedule, to see if your professor is compatible with you. Students go on this website and write reviews about their experiences with the teacher and the class. They usually are very helpful with advice or suggestions on how to go about doing well in the class as well.

I hope you have fun with this process and consider my advice when your time comes to register for your college classes!

Until next time!


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