Meeting New People


by Keeyonna

Hey it’s Keeyonna doing my first blog ever! I am so excited to experience this new journey with you at MCTC.

With new experiences come new people. No matter what, you will always be faced with meeting new people. Trust me, I know you don’t know everyone in this crazy world. Although I must admit it would be cool, it would also be impossible.

Since I have started college I have already begun meeting people and becoming friends without ever knowing it was happening. It’s not a test, it happens naturally, so don’t become overwhelmed or stressed.

Meeting new people is a good and important strategy in life. Yesterday in class we happened to talk about people’s social anxiety and why it happens. Everyone is scared – that may look and sound stupid – but the fact of the matter is most of the time we’re all thinking the same thing.

When it comes down to meeting new people just go for it, and be yourself. Once you come to realize all you have to do is be yourself, I’m confident you’ll notice that all the stress will go away as well.

Have an awesome day and if you have questions and or comments, please leave them below!

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