Welcome to CollegeCrewMpls

Welcome — we’re glad you found us!

The transition from high school to college – and all the hard work it takes to get there—can feel pretty daunting. Our bloggers know exactly what that’s like.

CollegeCrewMpls is a project of the Minneapolis Alumni Connection, a group of young Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) alumni that is finding creative ways to give back to our schools and support current students as they prepare for college and careers.

Our new blog features the voices of 10 amazing MPS Class of 2014 graduates who are now first-year college students or taking a gap year before going on to school. They’ve lived through tons of college and financial aid applications, on-line research, campus visits and big decisions. And now they’re eager to share what they’ve learned with high school students who are exploring the same path. Each week we’ll feature their perspectives on life after high school and how they got there.

This is a great blog for high school students who are wondering what it’s like to be out in the real world. If you’re a student and you like what you read here, help spread the word by telling your friends about our blog. If you’re a parent, tell your kids about it. If you’re a supportive adult, share the blog with your family, friends and co-workers.

Moving on from high school is one of the biggest shifts in life, and hopefully we can help. Let’s learn from each other’s joys and mistakes. Let’s stand on each other’s shoulders.

Take some time to get to know our 10 bloggers below, and then stay tuned for their first college blog on Monday, September 22. Be sure to check back often to follow and learn from these students on their new journeys!

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