Introducing Lillie – Calvin College

LilyI love music and sing every day. I can’t go a day without music—it lives in my head but won’t pay rent. Lots of people think I’m funny and I make them happy. I’m not funny but I do like making them happy. I have a tendency to have the perfect words walk into my mind then leave a note saying “Sorry not fast enough.” It’s okay though. I still like the words.

  • High School: North Community High
  • College: Calvin College  in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Intended Major: English, Secondary Education
  • Dream Career: a teacher with free rein over what’s taught and the methods I can use
  • Hobbies / interests: Singing, tennis, reading, making bracelets, watching movies/TV, writing
  • Celebrity Crush: Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Favorite thing about Minneapolis: There’s so much opportunity if you know how to find it

3 thoughts on “Introducing Lillie – Calvin College

  1. Hi Alien….from Jekeia……we miss you!!!! So cool to see you on this blog! Keep it up 🙂

    How do you like college? Do you miss North?



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