Introducing Avery – Gap Year

AveryHey! I’m Avery. I spend a lot of time drawing, reading, drinking coffee, and meeting new people. I’ve lived in Minneapolis my whole life, and I love it here. However, I’m ready to get out and explore more of the world, which is why I’m taking a gap year before college. I’m moving out to northern California for a forestry job for the fall. After that, I’m headed to Cambodia for an internship with a human rights organization. That will take me into early spring, but I don’t know what my plans are after that. I’m super excited to try new things in the coming year and to learn a ton before heading back to school.

  • High School: South High
  • After Graduation: Gap year to travel and do human rights internship. I plan to attend McGill University next year.
  • Intended Major: Geography or Anthropology with a minor in biology
  • Dream Career: Travel writer or muralist
  • Hobbies: Art, hiking & camping, music, philosophy, cooking, travel
  • Spirit Animal: Fox
  • Favorite thing about Minneapolis: The music scene, green space and bike paths

6 thoughts on “Introducing Avery – Gap Year

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