Introducing Natalie – Concordia College

NatalieI am a high energy, high maintenance kind of gal who regularly utilizes old fashioned lingo like “rad,” “groovy,” and “far out.” I enjoy the Oxford comma, 90’s rap, and people who wear watches. I spend most of my time on a stage singing and acting and trying to dance and spend what little time I have left with my closest friend, Flipper the Laptop, watching movies and listening to choral arrangements of bad pop songs from the 80’s. Living the life of a natural-born morning person, I drink abhorrent amounts of coffee and hate cereal for breakfast. I’m all about that waffle life, man. I have a strong “YOLO” outlook on life and truly enjoy arbitrary hashtags. #CanYouDigIt

I am entering my sophomore year at school and am excited to continue blogging!

  • High School: Southwest High
  • College: Concordia College, Moorhead
  • Major: Music and Theater
  • Dream Career: Performer; preferably on Broadway
  • Spirit Animal: Scar from Disney’s The Lion King
  • Favorite Food: Cheese Popcorn
  • Hobbies and Interests: Netflix

8 thoughts on “Introducing Natalie – Concordia College

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