Introducing Guanani – Reed College


After living in Minneapolis my entire life, I decided I wanted to experience living somewhere different and headed out to Reed College more than a thousand miles from home. Now that I’ve lived here in Portland for a year, I can say I’ve loved studying in a different climate surrounded by new people, places, and possibilities for adventure.

I am a notorious bookworm, but I also enjoy camping, hiking, and playing ultimate frisbee outside. I’m half Puerto Rican, half Minnesota Polish. I’ve decided to major in biology because the physiology of life and how microbes interact with humans are fascinating topics that I hope to write about for popular audiences someday.

  • High School: South High
  • College: Reed College in Portland, Oregon
  • Major: Biology
  • Dream Career: Physician’s Assistant or science writer
  • One weird thing about me: I Iove making ceramic teapots, but I don’t care for tea.
  • Favorite author: Neil Gaiman.
  • Question: If all living things shared one collective consciousness, what would we think of ourself?

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