Introducing Lucillia – University of St. Thomas

IMG_2986Hey all! I am very excited to back for another year of blogging with the crew! I can’t believe I am already a sophomore! Over the last year I have grown so much as a person and I am very excited to continue this journey at the University of St Thomas.

Besides starting a new job and taking a math class over the summer, nothing really exciting has happened on my end. This coming school year I am looking forward to (fingers crossed!) studying abroad in Africa, declaring my major (once I figure that out) and seeing if I can balance two jobs and being a full time student. Wish me luck!

  • High School: Thomas Edison High
  • College: University of St. Thomas (once a Tommie, always a Tommie)
  • Intended major: Undecided
  • Intended minor: French
  • Dream career: Not sure, but I want to travel, get paid well, and not stand on my feet all day
  • Spirit animal: Elephant (I have an elephant tattoo)
  • One weird thing about me: I hate it when people put their feet on me. Eww!
  • My celebrity crush: Kim Kardashian

7 thoughts on “Introducing Lucillia – University of St. Thomas

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