What is dissertation?

Dissertations are the most important papers a student writes in his academic phase of life. Dissertations and thesis are words used interchangeably but a thesis involves a research work and dissertation states the research inclusive with thoughts of the student. Though thesis is a part of doctoral degree program dissertation is what a student may start with in his earlier phase of college. Before a student begins to write a dissertation it is important that he understand the significance of dissertation and knows what is dissertation.

What is dissertation?

An essential component of dissertation is dissertation proposal which is to be stated by you through your thoughts and research process. Dissertation is a tool which helps to determine a student’s knowledge in his subject. it also analyzes the writing and researching skills of a student and his capability to think and analyze critically.

Dissertations in universities of United Kingdom are a part of undergraduate level and masters level which requires an independent research work. Since dissertations are a path towards the attainment of a degree they should be written with utmost care and due diligence. The topics for dissertation are to be selected by the students themselves, so they should try to select a topic of their comfort level. It will help them in providing their insight. The expertise of a student and his grasp of knowledge in his subject are measured by the dissertation written by them.

The guide to write a good dissertation is that a student should know what is dissertation. This helps the student to always focus on the writing and prevent them from wandering off the topic. It is necessary that while writing they do not confuse it with writing an essay or a thesis. In dissertation a student expresses his views for the given topic with some research work unlike the thesis where major research work has to be carried out by the student.

While understanding what is dissertation it is quite important that the coach or the mentors are kept aware of the progress of the dissertation. The FAQs should be prepared and sorted out with the help of them. Apart from the help they can give on subject they can be very helpful in minute detailing of the project like what is the ideal word count for a dissertation, the binding of the dissertation and the presentation of the dissertation.

Dissertations should be free from plagiarism. This is the very first requirement of any dissertation. Each and every source used by the students should be mentioned by them in references and bibliography so that it is clearly stated that the thought presented in it is yours or has been quoted by somebody else.

Through a dissertation a student is expected to contribute a new direction to the subject with or without any independent research work. This can only be done if a student thinks analytically and contribute his thoughts to it. Dissertation is the area where many students fail to deliver due to their lack of confidence in writing a dissertation. After having knowledge of what is dissertation and the right structure to present it dissertation writing will become a memorable experience for a student.